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Taylor & Caleb // Classy Birmingham Engagement Session


Jun 8, 2021

Classy Engagement Session in downtown Birmingham // Wedding Photographers in Huntsville, Alabama

Where to even start with this magic of a session? Downtown Birmingham has some absolutely gorgeous engagement session locations, and Taylor and Caleb chose two of our favorites with the marble church and Railroad Park. I love that beautiful session combination of elegant church architecture with the tall grass and cresting hills at Railroad Park.

And these two absolutely smashed it! As soon as Taylor and Caleb walked up the sidewalk, I knew their session was going to be amazing. They coordinated the perfect outfits in some of my favorite colors, for starters. I can’t get enough of Taylor’s dress! We had been able to talk enough beforehand about different details to already know that they have kind hearts and sweet personalities!

When we arrived at Railroad Park, I was so excited to see patches of yellow wildflowers scattered throughout the park. They were so joyful and fun! I asked Taylor and Caleb if they liked yellow flowers, and they just laughed with a big “yes!”! Those nice yellow flowers made more than one appearance during the evening and nailed it every time.

Taylor and Caleb’s downtown Birmingham engagement session was an absolute joy to capture from beginning to end. Their delightful personalities and natural modeling skills made this session so fun and easy for us. We definitely can’t wait to do it again on the wedding day!

Here’s a little peek into Taylor & Caleb’s classy engagement session in downtown Birmingham!


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  1. Taylor Verhage says:

    I absolutely LOVED having this shoot with Joel and Amber! Caleb and I had such a blast! Not to mention these pictures are BEAUTIFUL! Thanks a bunch J&A for these sweet memories to be captured!

  2. Beverly Verhage says:

    Wow. Love these pictures

  3. Lori Verhage says:

    These are amazing! So much love in these pictures. ❤️Let me know how to order a pic. I’m sure Grammie will want one too.

  4. Julie Gerstenberger says:

    Pure JOY!

  5. Julie Gerstenberger says:

    Beautiful photos AND a fun experience for Caleb and Taylor!

  6. Nelda Munoz says:

    These are awesome! They captured the happiness in their eyes!

  7. Treva Martin says:

    Couldn’t handle these they were *that* cute. Teared up 4 times – love these people!!!

  8. Anna says:

    Wow beautiful shots! Perfectly captures Caleb and Taylor’s relationship!

  9. Mattie Carnes says:

    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL pics (and beautiful bride and groom)! Love them all!


    So thrilled with how these turned out, can’t wait to see the rest. Thank y’all SO much.

  11. Jana says:

    Beautiful pictures for a beautiful couple

  12. Natalie Verhage says:

    Y’all are a stunning couple! Much love for you two. ❤️

  13. Hannah says:

    These are stunning! Pure joy!!

  14. Beverly Meeks says:

    Beautiful couple! May God bless your marriage!

  15. Sara Kate Verhage says:

    These are gorgeous and truly capture the pure love they have for each other! Love you Sissy and Caleb

  16. Deborah says:


  17. Marc Verhage says:

    What a blessing to see these two enjoying their life together and these pictures truly show it.

  18. Kaelie S says:

    I love these! Y’all are a beautiful couple.

  19. Logan says:

    WOW! These pictures couldn’t be more gorgeous and indicative of Caleb and Taylor’s relationship. So genuine!

  20. Julie says:

    These are beautiful!!!!

  21. Diedra Johnson says:

    Wow! These photos capture two beautiful souls perfectly!!

  22. Samantha Williams says:

    LOVE! beautiful pictures for a beautiful couple inside and out :)

  23. Carter Billingsley says:

    Girl these are SOOO good

  24. Delaney Taylor says:

    So so beautiful!!

  25. Danielle Richardson says:

    Such creativity!!

  26. Peyton Jones says:

    Looking good!!

  27. Chase Commander says:

    Ayo. Y’all lookin good.

  28. Lacy MC Cormack says:

    Amazing!!! This is wonderfully captured

  29. Sydney Stone says:

    Incredible!! So excited for you two!

  30. Sarah McLemore says:

    Beautiful!! So happy for you both!

  31. Blake McLemore says:

    These pictures look amazing!!

  32. Charlai Breeding says:

    You two look so happy together!! These pictures are gorgeous!!

  33. Ashley Scott says:

    So pretty! So happy for y’all!

  34. Laura D. says:

    Absolutely stunning!! These photos are BEAUTIFUL!

  35. Rebecca Kryck says:

    These are precious! What a beautiful couple!

  36. Madison Kirk says:

    What a beautiful couple! I love these photos!!

  37. abby says:

    Beautiful couple and photos!!

  38. Jen C says:

    LOVE these, congrats!!!!

  39. Ashlyn Lovell says:

    These pictures are beautiful!! So excited for you two!

  40. Troy Johnson says:

    Stunning. Beautiful.

  41. Leah says:

    Beautiful photos of a gorgeous couple!

  42. Austin Weldon says:

    The pics are amazing! Wish y’all the best!!

  43. Carson Lamberth says:

    LOVE these, Taylor!! So precious!!!

  44. Lynne Quillian says:

    These are wonderful! Can’t wait for the wedding!

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