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A Collection of Marriage Musings

A Mocha For Your Tuesday

Jul 7, 2020

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I have something fun in store for this week’s Tuesday Mocha! The inspiration for our Tuesday Mochas come from all different places. Books, podcasts, and conversations all provide wonderful riches for Mocha material.

I took a few minutes to ask a few other married people to share their marriage musings with you. We learn so much from new perspectives and experiences! Bonus: Joel is writing his marriage musing as I write the intro paragraph. I’m super excited to read what he has to say. :)

Joel, two of our happily married J&A Brides, and our dear friend Emily all shared their thoughts with me. I’m so happy to have the opportunity to share them with you! So without further ado, here are four marriage musings for you to ponder.

Marriage Musing from our sweet Mrs. Amy Medley

“My biggest piece of advice is to not just live with the things that confuse you or sometimes frustrate you about your spouse but respect them.

Your spouse will have a reason for the way they act 85% of the time. Pay attention to their idiosyncrasies and when they veer away from them is when their could be an underlying issue that needs addressing.

Pick your battles. If you think the dishes can wait, and your other half feels that they can’t, they could just be stressed and would feel better with a clean kitchen. No one expects you to be perfect so don’t hold the one who holds your heart to those unrealistic standards.”

~Amy Medley, J&A Bride

Marriage Musing from our precious friend Mrs. Emily Johnson

“The best, best piece of marriage advice I got was “If you can’t see his hands, trust his heart.”

Essentially, if you don’t know why your spouse is doing what they are doing or if it seems out of character for them, trust their intentions.

Would they ever intentionally hurt me or do something to hurt me? What is his heart towards me? This has helped me bite my tongue on so many occasions and stopped a lot of petty picking before it started!

~Mrs. Emily Johnson

Marriage Musing from our joyful Mrs. Christina Pohl

“Eric and I have been getting really creative with date nights. We picked up a pizza one night and took it to Big Spring Park for a picnic. Tonight we strolled through a plant nursery and just enjoyed looking at different flowers. It’s been a lot of fun actually!”

~Christina Pohl, J&A Bride

Marriage Musing from my favorite person in the whole entire world.

I’m a first-class procrastinator. In most cases, I’ve started overcoming this by ripping off Nike’s slogan – Just Do It.

But this isn’t about overcoming procrastinating, this is about doing things right in your marriage.  Having a “just do it” attitude can help tremendously in a marriage!  If your wife needs help with something around the house, you’re certainly capable of helping.  

“But I don’t like washing the dishes!”  Shut up and Just Do It.  She was nice enough to cook dinner, the least you can do it help clean up afterward! Is she going to be late getting home from picking up your little one from the grandparents and won’t have enough time to make dinner?  How about surprising her by having some hamburgers hot off the grill when she gets home!

Most of all, try and find pleasure in doing these loving things for your wife and that by doing these things, you’re loving her. You’re truly putting love in action by doing this.  So go out there and Just Do It.

~Mr. Joel Palmer, my beloved (and obviously very helpful) husband


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