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Is It Worth Doing Badly? A Guest Post by Joel

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Jul 28, 2020

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“Anything worth doing is worth doing badly.”

This may sound like an unusual idea, but it’s an interesting thought.  If there’s something important to do, it’s better to do it, perhaps badly, than to not do it at all. 

A 15-minute walk around the neighborhood is better than not running a mile.  Making a somewhat healthy dinner is better than eating KFC.  Doing 5 knee-pushups is better than just sitting on the couch.  Sending one handwritten note to a friend is better than not sending anything.  For that matter, even sending a short “thinking of you this week!” text is better than not doing anything! And telling your spouse “I love you” is better than finding something to nitpick about.

In other words, even if you can’t get it exactly right but it’s a really good thing to do, it’s worth at least attempting.  The upside is you’ll hopefully learn and improve and do it better next time.  Sure, it’s better to do something well, but doing it badly is better than not doing it at all.

This especially true for your marriage. You might not clean vacuum the way your spouse does, but hey, at least you vacuumed! You may not be the next Shakespeare, but even a short love note is better than nothing. Flowers don’t have to cost $50 to make an impression, but remembering to get something for her next time you swing by the store sure will make an impression!

Is there something you should be doing in your marriage, but aren’t?  Is there a little part that you can start – even if it’s done poorly – that can help get you started?  Don’t let the fear of doing something poorly get in the way of doing it at all.


  1. Patti Palmer says:

    This is such wise advice! Thanks, Joel. It makes so much sense.

  2. Randall says:

    Good one, Joel. In other words, don’t let the perfect be the enemy if the good.

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