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Best of 2018: Engagement and Forever Sessions

Engagements, Forever Sessions

Jan 22, 2019

Engagement Sessions in Huntsville, Alabama // Wedding Photographers in Huntsville, Alabama

A couple weeks ago, we shared what is always one of our most loved blog posts of the entire year. Our Best Of wedding post is something we look forward to doing each January! This year we decided to also share a peek into our Best Of engagement and forever sessions!

As wedding photographers, we love capturing the entire journey for our couples. Over the years, we’ve created a wedding photography experience for our J&A Couples that focuses on the experience from beginning and end. Making the full experience memorable and amazing is something that’s so important to us!

The engagement session is one of the best parts of the photography experience. Not only do you have an excuse for a little extra pampering with a new outfit, hair, and makeup, but you get to experience what is often the first professional photo shoot together!

Why we love engagement sessions so much!

There’s so much to love about these engagement sessions. First of all, you get a collection of amazing pictures from this short but really special time of being engaged! Second (and our favorite), you get a chance to be in front of your wedding photographer’s camera in a laid-back atmosphere.

The engagement session is where you get to see how it feels to work with your photographer. You find out how they pose and interact. You also see what the overall experience feels like. By the time the wedding day arrives, you’ll be old pros at how to pose and what to expect from your photographer!

Creating real relationships

Every engagement session is so special to us! Our first coffee dates always leave us loving on our new couples, but the engagement session is where we feel like we really start to get to know them as a couple. We get a chance to see how they interact and get a peek into their relationship. We also learn how to bring out that genuine emotional and personality on their wedding day.

Engagement sessions are always a win all the way around, and they make our hearts happy! I could give you a dozen more reasons why we genuinely believe that every couple should have an engagement session of their very own, but I know you’re ready to get onto the pictures!

Forever Sessions (Anniversaries and Family!)

Another thing that makes our hearts happy are Forever Sessions! We don’t typically offer family sessions to the public, but we LOVE to reconnect with our already-married J&A Couples to capture their anniversaries and family portraits.

Following along on their life’s adventures with new jobs, new opportunities, and sweet new little babies brings us so much joy! The story doesn’t end at the wedding day – it’s just one piece of the journey. Having the chance to get our couples back in front of our cameras to make sure these new moments live forever is so fulfilling to us.

There are some fun Forever Sessions (think Beauty & the Beast and confetti filled champagne toasts!) from this year, so we think you’re going to love them, too!

Enjoy just a few of our favorite images from our 2018 engagement and forever sessions.

Amy and Dillon had some secret handshakes that we brought into their engagement session. So fun! They shared some of their secret handshake during the wedding ceremony later this year, too.



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There’s more!

We’ve created a guide to the best engagement session locations around Huntsville for our J&A Brides – and now we’re sharing it with you!

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