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Jan 29, 2019

Behind the scenes with Joel and Amber // Wedding Photographers in Huntsville Alabama

Our behind the scenes blog posts are some of our most popular posts – and one of my favorites to share! After looking at so many beautiful memories from our couples in front of the camera, it’s really fun to get a peek into what goes on behind the camera.

We seriously have the best. couples. ever!!! Every wedding day, engagement session, and Forever Session is filled with so much joy and sunshine. It’s a proven fact that when you look at a picture, you remember how you felt in that moment. When we see these pictures, it brings back so many incredible memories of these amazing wedding days and sessions, intentional focus, and lots of giggles. And in every one of them, we remember our hearts overflowing.

Veil tossed silhouettes, dress floofing, posing demonstrations caught in a hilarious moment, photo bombs, and umbrellas that were worth their weight in gold.

We hope you enjoy this peek at the other side of the camera!

When you give a little girl leaves to toss in the air, it’s pure glee.

By a grandma’s request, I took a picture of the kids with her disposable camera. Such a fun and precious memory!

In February, I will never argue about holding the bride’s cozy wrap for her!

Professional hair floofer.

Queen of the Family Picture List.

To the right, to the right…

Every last detail.

The art of twirling.

When we say we’re you’re wedding day sidekicks, that’s what we mean!

When it starts to sprinkle in the middle of portraits, it’s Joel and our reflector to the rescue!


Does anybody know how to work this bracelet??

Forever Sessions with our couples are the best ever!!

Whatever it takes!

When the baby bump starts showing!

Our baby’s first wedding season was amazing! <3

This is probably one of my favorite behind the scenes pictures to date. Joel was totally hiding behind our “wind blocker” while I was taking this picture, lol!!

When a past maid of honor and best man are guests at another wedding! So fun catching up!



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