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We’re So Different, And I’d Be Lost Without Him

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Sep 22, 2020

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“We celebrate each others’ strengths and balance each others’ weaknesses.”

I jotted this quote down on the edge of a notebook one day, and I wish I could remember where it came from. A quick Google search wasn’t much help, so a shout out to the unknown person who gave me such words for thought!

What a picture that is of marriage!

One of the things I love so much about my relationship with Joel is how our strengths and weaknesses complement each other so well.

He’s a model of patience, kindness, selflessness, wisdom, hard work, and optimism. Joel amazes me over and over again with his steadiness, graciousness. He’s an example to me of a servant’s heart.

To quote one of our favorite photography couples Justin and Mary, “He’s the rock to my roll.” I bring life (and sometimes a splash of drama) to the party. I’m always moving/working/doing, sometimes up and sometimes down. I bring sparkles, brownies, and the “let’s dig in and do this” to our corner of the world.

He’s technical, I’m creative. He likes numbers, I like words. He’s everything-is-grand, and I’m aiming for perfection. He’s chill, I’m all in with emotion.

As with anything full of differences, there’s always just a little tension. That’s where the balance comes in. He’s holding one side, I’m holding the other. Opposite, but we’d be totally out of balance without each other.

I fell in love with his strengths. Then again, there are days when his strengths drive me crazy because it moves him in a direction different from my vision of the moment.

But I’d be lost without him.

And he’ll tell you in a heartbeat that he’d be totally lost without me.

We celebrate each other’s strengths in our marriage because we know how important it is to balance that tension. We balance each other’s weaknesses because we promised to be there – supporting, encouraging, holding, strengthening.

He’s rock steady when I’m super stressed. I move it forward when he’d leave it on the Trello list. He sees good things in the situation when I’m discouraged. I make our lives so much smoother by actually having an organized plan (plus several backup plans).

What about you?

Whether you and your spouse are two peas in a pod or the definition of how opposites attract, are you celebrating each others’ strengths? Especially if they’re different than your own (and you sometimes feel that tension)?

Are you working to balance each others’ weaknesses? It’s about being there when it’s tough. It’s about remembering that we’re all going to mess up, hurt and get hurt.

But you know, it’s worth it. Here’s to building stronger marriages!



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