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Discover Life Together {Building Marriage}

A Mocha For Your Tuesday

Aug 2, 2016

Something that has been really helpful for our marriage is finding things that we can enjoy together.

Earlier this summer, we spent a couple of days exploring parts of Texas and New Mexico together. As we were walking around a tiny little town with a local coffee in hand, we looked at each other and smiled.

www.joelandamberphotography.comI told Joel that I was really thankful that we both enjoy so many of the same things. We don’t mind exploring something that turns out to be much less exciting than we had hoped. We just like to wander and discover.

Whether it was good or bad, we see it as an experience.

We love scouting out local coffee shops, trying to find the best of the best wherever our wanderings take us.

As we were walking, we were trying to figure out how we both came to crave the same kinds of things. Traveling, quiet Saturday mornings at home, yard sales, quality coffee, local food.

I think that as we respected the interests of each other, we were able to create interests that we can both really enjoy. We do everything together whenever we can. Our marriage is stronger because we took the time to develop interests that we can do together.

So instead of Joel playing video games while I’m off shopping, we’re trying to find ways to spend quality time together.

Not that there’s anything wrong with video games and shopping, of course. :) Spending time in separate interests is important and has its place!

But take the time to really pursue life together. Find things that you can both love with equal delight. Develop your common interests so you can experience life in new and deeper ways!

www.joelandamberphotography.comWhat are some things that you and your spouse love to do together? Tell us about them in the comments below!



  1. Patti Palmer says:

    Mark and I enjoy traveling and seeing God’s creation: Alaska, Yellowstone, the Carribean. It’s wonderful!

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