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Until Then, We Have Cinnamon {Building Marriage}

A Mocha For Your Tuesday

Oct 25, 2016

Meet Cinnamon.


She’s our sweet little furry sidekick.

Joel and I love kittens! They’re so tiny and fluffy and adorable and perfect. We absolutely adore snuggling with them anytime we get a chance.

There are a lot of reasons why having a cat of our own just isn’t a practical decision for us right now. But don’t worry. We make up for it by posting pictures of kittens on each other’s Facebook walls, watching YouTube videos of kittens, hanging a kitten calendar up every year, and adopting our sweet little stuffed Cinnamon.


She’s the perfect little cuddlebug, AND she’s very low maintenance. :) She hangs out in our studio all day with me.

We know it’s totally goofy to love on a stuffed kitten as much as we do. But something we’ve learned is that sometimes the time just isn’t quite right.

Sometimes there’s something you’d really love to have, but it’s not the best decision for you.

Maybe there’s something that you’re longing for with your whole heart, but God has chosen not to give that gift right now.

Maybe you’re impatiently waiting for your big dream to come true. Maybe you’re just waiting for a little dream to come true!

Whatever you’re waiting for, we want to encourage you to make the best of what you’ve been given. Jump in and find a way to love on what you have today!




  1. Amanda says:

    Needed this reminder today! (And y’all can come love on my kitties anytime!)

  2. Joel and Amber says:

    We’re so glad, Amanda! And thank you for sharing your kitties with us! We’ll have to come snuggle with them sometime! :)

  3. Patti Palmer says:

    Great blog, Amber. Thanks. Contentment in what the LORD provides is a good thing.

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