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3 Easy Tips for Coordinating Family Formals!


Nov 9, 2017

We love our families and totally understand the importance of family pictures on the wedding day! While this makes up a very small part of the overall timeline, it’s still very much the norm to have a time of traditionally posed family portraits.

Over the last 6 years of photographing weddings, we’ve discovered that a little coordination goes a long way when it comes to smooth family portraits!

Family portraits are typically done before the ceremony, right before the bride hides away as guests arrive. This also means that if family portraits run late because family members are missing or have to be tracked down, it can cause a lot of stress for the bride. Guests start arriving and she is anxious to hide.

Today we’re sharing 3 easy tips for getting your immediate and extended family there at the right time so family portraits stay schedule!

1. Clear communication is always really helpful. Send an email or text to family members who need to be there. (Better yet, delegate that task to someone else!) Tell them ahead of time exactly what time they need to be there for pictures and where to meet. Sometimes half of your extended family didn’t realize they needed to included in pictures simply because nobody gave them specific instructions. 

2. Tell everybody exactly where they should meet for family pictures. Be specific!! As long as everyone is in the same spot at the same time, we can always move locations if we need to. We recommend having them meet either at the ceremony site (if indoors) or in the main area of your reception venue (if your ceremony is outdoors).

3. Ask them to be 10 minutes early just to provide extra time for traffic and parking. We all know how easy it is to run a few minutes late. If you’re a family member, give the bride and groom the gift of respecting their time. Be present and paying attention during this short time of the day!  :)


And now, we have a special FREE GIFT just for you! We have a tried-and-true template to prep your family ahead of time that we’re giving as a free download. You can send it via text, email, phone, or carrier pigeon. Send this off before the wedding and enjoy the benefits when Family Formal time rolls around on the wedding day! :)



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