Two Ways to Schedule Romantic Sunset Portraits Into Your Wedding Day! – {J&A Tidbits}


Mar 23, 2017

You know those delicious golden sunset portraits that make you feel like you could dance into the twilight and be happy forever?

Just me? Okay. :) But I do know I’m not the only one who swoons over those magical moments of sunset when it comes to weaving romance and portraits! Today I’m giving you 2 ways to schedule romantic sunset portraits into your wedding day!

1. Schedule your ceremony time to end 1 hour before sunset. Take a look at the sunset time before you schedule your ceremony time. After the ceremony is finished and we head out with you guys to do some final Just Married portraits, having that golden sunset is ideal! 

Scheduling your day this way means we can combine your Just Married portraits with the golden sunset – which is just perfect!

2. Plan to slip out of your reception for a few minutes right at sunset. If your ceremony time is earlier in the day, that’s totally fine! It’s easy to sneak out of the reception for 10 minutes to snap some of the most romantic portraits of the entire day.

With both your photographer and DJ in the loop ahead of time, they can create a reception schedule that allows some down time right around sunset. Right after the cake cutting – when all your guests are busy sampling the divine treat – is one of our favorite times to slip out.

Bonus Tip: Have your photographer coordinate with your DJ to make sure the party isn’t interrupted once they have it going! We’ll find a good way to gracefully slip out so your guests won’t even know you’ve gone!

As much as we wish we could always ensure a beautiful sunset for our couples on their wedding day, it doesn’t always happen. Rain, or even lots of clouds, can put a damper on the sunset. Don’t let that get you down! There are always sunset-filled Forever Sessions if you need to get a raincheck on that sunset. (Pun honestly not intended, but I totally left that in there!)

For evenings when the sun is glowing, these romantic sunset portraits are always worth the few minutes of extra planning! That golden light pouring into a blissfully happy moment is magical. Every time.

Here’s to golden sunsets and fairytales!



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