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3 Surprising Things Keeping Guests Off The Dance Floor


Nov 8, 2019

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A question came up in a conversation we had with a bride recently. We were talking about the pros and cons of different reception venues for her wedding, and there was one specific thing she was still stuck on:

How to keep her guests from wandering away and leaving the dance floor empty.

We’ve all been to weddings of both kinds: everybody rocking out the dance floor….or standing on the sidelines watching one or two brave couples dance for a few minutes before stepping off when the song changes.

You might think that your family loooves to dance and that there won’t be any problem filling up the dance floor. That makes it even more surprising to see people more hesitant than you’ve ever seen them before.

What’s up with that?

Then there are weddings where the floor is packed all the way from song number one to the sparkler send-off.

What makes the difference?

There’s much to be said about the personality of your guests. Some groups love to dance, others prefer cake and conversation. Totally fine! But if you’re dreaming of a rockin’ evening of celebration, this tip is for you.

3 Things Keeping Your Guests Off The Dance Floor

Some people say a good DJ is the key to keeping people on the floor. Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE what an epic DJ can do at a reception and it 100% makes a difference! Did you realize there’s more to it than what the DJ can control?

Today we’re sharing 3 surprising things that are keeping your guests off the dance floor.

1. Having both an indoor and outdoor space.

This is actually a reason the dance floor can get a little too quiet. When guests have the chance to wander outside, they usually do. There’s just something about it, especially in warm weather.

Having the luxury of an indoor/outdoor combination is really nice. We totally agree – but be aware that it can mean a little less dancing and a little more hanging out by the fire pit or the outdoor bar.

2. When the bride and groom are on the sidelines.

The fastest way to fill up the dance floor is when the bride and groom are out there themselves! It just feels like the bride and groom are where the party is supposed to be. When the couple is making their rounds to talk to all the guests, a lot of them are going to mingle themselves or wait their turn to say hi to the couple. Which….keeps them off the dance floor.

So how are you supposed to say hi to all your guests and be on the dance floor at the same time? When the dance floor is opened, stay and dance for at least a few songs. People will feel comfortable about getting out there. After a few songs you’ll have enough of a crowd to keep the party going. Then you and your groom can slip away and start hanging out with other guests.

Tip: head back to the dance floor every once in awhile when your favorite song comes on. It will not only keep the dance floor alive, but you’ll have some fun memories! As much fun as it is to see all your amazing guests – you’ll want a few minutes dancing with your friends, too!

3. Not having a clear “opening of the dance floor”.

Sometimes there’s not really an official “dance floor is open” announcement. While you might think it sounds a tiny bit cheesy for your DJ to announce that, your guests will be more likely to feel comfortable getting out there if they’re invited.

Your DJ also has so much influence over getting the dance floor going. Besides knowing how to expertly open the dance floor, there’s a balance of energy that has to happen. A solid DJ will know how to read the crowd and adjust things to keep it going. (Our friends at Metropolitan DJ are experts at this!)

Tip: Ask a few of your bridal party members ahead of time to help get the dance floor going!

Bonus Tip #1: Dance Floor Size

A small dance floor keeps people in their seats! If your dance floor is squeezed into a corner or barely has enough room for your whole bridal party to crank out some moves, people will opt out. A dance floor that’s too big doesn’t feel right, either. Talk to your venue or DJ for tips on finding the proper size to fit your guest count.

Bonus Tip #2: Keep It Going

Once the party breaks up, sometimes it’s slow to get started again. Interrupting the dance floor for cake cutting, bouquet toss, and things like that are fine – but make sure you go over the timing with your DJ. You don’t want to interrupt so often that the party never picks back up!

How about you?

Do you have any tips for keeping the dance floor going strong? We’d love to hear them! Share your thoughts with other brides in the comments below!



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  1. Lighting is also key. If the lighting is too bright, you will have a harder time getting people on the floor. So dim the lights when it’s time to start the dance floor rocking but make that after the first dance, if possible, so your photographer has some extra light for that.

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