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Spring: Hopeful and Delicate {Building Marriage}

A Mocha For Your Tuesday

Jun 18, 2019

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In this Mocha series, we introduced the idea of seasons in your marriage. Just like there are seasons of the year and seasons in our lives, there are also seasons in marriage.

Last time we talked about the season of winter. It’s dark and cold, but often the depth gives couples no choice but to reach out for help. Today we’re talking about spring and what that looks like in marriage.

This Mocha series was inspired by some devotionals in Gary Chapman’s, The One Year Love Language Minute Devotional. I’ll be sharing some of his thoughts throughout this series, as well!

Delights of Spring

I confessed last time that this midwest farm girl doesn’t love winter, despite the practice I had dealing with endless cold. But spring – I have some amazing memories of spring.

In South Dakota, spring came slowly. The piles of dirt-filled snow from winter stashes stuck around for weeks after we shed the coats and donned our shorts. Mornings were cold, but the sun slowly seeped through enough for a lunchtime picnic.

The world was brown and dirty (mud everywhere!), but tiny green shoots poked out of the dead leaves. Buds formed, the soil was tilled, and us kids stayed outside from morning to night.

Spring in Marriage

Hope. The spring season in marriage is filled with hope, excitement, and dreams. Gary points out that newlyweds are often in a season of spring. I think that’s true. There are often things that need to grow and stretch as the new season together starts. You anticipate sweet memories of the coming summer.

It’s exciting and you plan beautiful things for the future. The promise of good times is in the air.

Spring doesn’t necessarily come after winter, although it certainly can (and hopefully will). Spring can happen at many stages throughout your marriage. It happens when you’re on the same page, dreaming the same dreams for the future. It’s a time of new life.

If you’re in spring, embrace it! Summer has joys of its own, of course. But spring has precious moments that are reserved for its own season. Dream, hope, and plan for summer days. Be guarded against things that will try to come between you.

Spring After Winter

If you’re in the winter stage right now, take heart in spring. Spring isn’t promised, but it’s more than possible. Find help for your marriage. Talk to a pastor or counselor, read marriage books, attend marriage conferences. Whatever you think might breathe a little new life into the darkness of where your marriage is right now.

If you don’t know where to go for help, please reach out! We can connect you with wise counselors who love God and those who need counsel.

Next time, we’ll be embracing the joys of summer. See you then!



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