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Reasons To Be Thankful

Life with Joel & Amber

Nov 20, 2018

Life with Joel and Amber // Wedding Photographers Huntsville Alabama

Our church has a tradition that we love. On Thanksgiving week every year, we gather at church and have a special Thanks service. We read through a list of all the prayer requests we’ve shared over the past year. As we go through each one, our hearts swell with gratitude as we see how they’ve been answered in the months that followed!

Sometimes the answer was what we had asked for. Sometimes it wasn’t. And sometimes the need is still there. But through it all, it’s so humbling to see how God hears and answers everyone of our prayers.

Piecing Together the Big Picture

So many times, we pray about something and don’t slow down long enough to truly see the outcome of those prayers. Or maybe you say thank you for an answer to your prayer, but then it’s right onto the next thing.

We all do it, with our crazy busy lives that don’t stop spinning. That’s why I love these Thank services so much. It’s an opportunity to see the bigger picture of how God answers our prayers in His way and in His time.

I, for one, and thankful that God doesn’t always answer the way I ask Him to! I’ve seen time and time again how His plan is truly better than my own. Even in places where I can’t understand how His answer was better, I can see how I’ve grown spiritually, mentally, emotionally, or physically through those times.

What are some prayers that He’s answered for you? 

This Thanksgiving, I’d love to encourage you to think about the prayers God’s answered over the years. Flip through your calendar to help you remember some of the significant events and jog your memory on prayers lifted up.

Maybe in this coming year, you can start a prayer journal or jot down prayers in your planner. Whenever you get a chance, look back on ways God has been faithful to hear us.

We invite you to share an answered prayer from this past year in the comments below. We can all give a prayer of praise and thanksgiving to the One who hears us!  

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!


  1. April says:

    There are so many answered prayers that come to mind, but the one most significant to me about this year as a whole was the safe and graciously easy labor and delivery of our little girl. Our cup runneth over!

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