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A Mocha For Your Tuesday

Feb 20, 2018

Tuesday Mocha // Building A Stronger Marriage // Huntsville Wedding Photographers

I was recently on a quite long, very bumpy overseas flight. The couple next to me was really sweet, and they taught me a little marriage lesson.

The wife was just so positive about everything. The movie selection was so good! The flight attendant was nice. The trip was going to be amazing. She really just put a smile on my face as I heard her say nice things about pretty much everything she laid her eyes on.

Her husband had been in charge of grabbing some food for the flight before we boarded. She was so thrilled with what he had selected (and it was sooo good!), and she thanked him for getting it and for his selection.

He answered appropriately to all of her smiling remarks, but what really struck me was his tone of voice and the look on his face. His looks gave away the fact that he was genuinely thrilled to do anything he could to serve her. And when she thanked him, you could clearly tell that he was just honored to do it for her.

Are you genuinely thankful for the things your husband or wife does to serve you? It’s easy to take them for granted after awhile. We fall into our routine. You might remember to say thank you once in awhile.

But to do so with genuine joy and thankfulness?

Joel sometimes comments about his awe that I still make his lunches 8 years later. I have it down to a science: a sandwich, a piece of fruit, a bag of chips, something sweet, and whatever leftovers I can scrounge up. I can do it in my sleep – which is usually the case…

Do I always enjoy making his lunches first thing in the morning? Not especially, but I’m sure not going to stop! He is so thankful for this little effort on my part that it becomes a joy just to serve him.

That and his continual habit of forgetting a fork on the rare occasions he has to make it himself.

How can we serve each other better by stopping to be truly, thoughtfully, and joyfully thankful for all the small things?

I’d say this little reminder was well worth the bumpy flight.



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  1. Patti Palmer says:

    These blogs are ALWAYS so helpful and practical. Thanks, Amber.

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