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Jan 19, 2023

Engagement Guest Sign-In Book

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We get that question all the time! “So…what exactly is an engagement guest album?”

And then they see it and fall in love.

Today we’re giving you the inside scoop on the engagement guest album, why brides love it, and how it’s going to become one of your heirloom treasures.

What is an engagement guest album?

An engagement guest album is a high-quality printed album filled with a series of engagement pictures and enough white space on each spread for your wedding guests to sign their well wishes.

Amazing guest book idea? For sure!

Will there be enough room for everyone to sign?

We design the albums to have 1-3 pictures on each spread and strategically leave specific amounts of white space on each page that have enough room for 150-200 guests to sign. Since we know an estimate of how many guests our brides are expecting, we can customize the amount of white space to reflect that.

Why brides love it:

Almost all of our J&A Couples choose an engagement guest album for themselves, and we can see why!

Guest albums are an incredibly special way to hold onto some of the sweetest memories of the experience. First of all, you have a beautiful album filled with those really special engagement pictures. You’re only engaged once – and for a short time in your relationship – and those pictures are priceless!

The second best part is having a chance to read the well wishes of your family and friends over and over again!

When we got married, we had one of those classic little guest books where everybody filled out a line or two. To be honest, we’re not even totally sure where it ended up! (It’s packed away in a box somewhere.)

But having the people you love most in your life write a message in such a special keepsake means that you get to enjoy the memories anytime you want!

Heirloom treasures

We truly believe that albums are one of the very best pieces of family legacy. Our digital culture means that we have thousands of pictures stored on our phones and computers. But how often do you actually go through and smile over each one?

Even with your engagement and wedding photos, you’re probably not often going to open the download file and click through all 1000 pictures.

But an album? You’re going to look at that over and over again. Those are the memories that are going to stay vivid and real in your minds.

They’re the stories and pictures you’ll show your kids and grandkids. These albums are going to be handed down through the generations – unlike the digital files on your computer.

As documenters of precious stories, we know that how you preserve the story is almost as important as how you capture it.

And that’s why engagement guest albums, wedding albums, and printed pictures will always have a special place in our hearts.

Bonus: our favorite guest pens!

We always include complimentary specialty pens whenever one of our couples chooses an engagement guest album. We’ve tested lots of pens, talked to the album printers for recommendations, and come up with our top favorite.

If you’re not a J&A Couple and you’re looking for your own pens to use for a guest album, we’ve got you covered. :) We recommend American Crafts Slick Writer Pens in medium point. They have a variety of colors (we always prefer classic black) and point sizes (medium is our favorite, with fine as a second choice).

You can usually find these pens on Amazon, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, or any other craft store.

Did you have an engagement guest book at your wedding? Wished you did? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below! :)



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