Christina & Dylan // Downtown Engagement


Oct 17, 2017

Fall engagement sessions in the south are always a little bit unpredictable. An October session might mean crisp, cool evenings with fiery leaves on the trees…..or it could mean 85 degrees and more motivation to hit the beach than to build a bonfire.

This year’s October was a little closer to the “let’s hit the beach” kind of weather, but it didn’t stop us from bringing as much fall happiness into Christina & Dylan’s session as we could find! Christina and I were on a mission to find some orange leaves – and we’re glad that some of our local trees did their best to oblige! :)

One of our favorite parts of this session is that Christina & Dylan’s height difference is almost the same as mine and Joel’s! We got to share some nods and smiles over life as a tall person. But these two can rock it in front of the camera! They are just so, so adorable together!

And…..the best part? It was Christina’s birthday!! We were so honored that we got to spend her birthday evening photographing their engagement session. What a special memory!

Enjoy a peek into some of our favorite moments from Christina & Dylan’s downtown engagement session!

Christina & Dylan – you guys are just amazing! We loved hanging out with you, sharing Disney memories, and chasing fall leaves together! We can’t wait to hang out again soon! <3



Hair Artist: Image Salon
Makeup Artist: Leslie Ware

  1. Christina says:

    I absolutely love these!! Y’all did an incredible job!! So blessed to have you as our photographers!!

  2. Lauri Sherrell says:

    These are so beautiful!!! Love the pictures and love the couple even more!!!

  3. Cathy Thompson says:

    These are all so beautiful! I would have to choose them all! Great job!

  4. Kimberly Harper says:


  5. Michael Kelley says:

    Beautiful!! So excited for you guys!

  6. Emily says:

    Love these. Congrats!

  7. June Harper says:

    Beautiful fotos!

  8. Audrey Harper says:

    yas girl

  9. Jill says:

    These photos are absolutely stunning! I have no idea how you are going to choose.

  10. Alan says:


  11. Madi Spurgeon says:

    Absolutely stunning! Christina, you look beautiful! Such a precious couple!

  12. Heather says:

    Absolutely beautiful! I love y’all!

  13. "Oma" says:

    Wow, Christina! If the wedding pictures are this beautiful…well, I just can’t wait!!

  14. Colin harrang says:

    The most beautiful, genuine couple I know and it shows in these photos!! So stunning!!

  15. Megan says:

    So beautiful!!! 2018 will be a good year :)

  16. Megan Hale says:

    Beautiful!! So excited!!

  17. Savannah Taylor says:

    Love these pictures and these people!!!

  18. Nate says:

    Ugh sooooo cute

  19. Alex Thorpe says:

    STUNNING!! Love these people and these pictures!

  20. Katy Harris says:

    Stunning!! Love you both and love these pictures!!

  21. Kelsey Clark says:

    Absolutely beautiful! Love you both so much!

  22. Adrianne Van Atta says:

    Love you both and couldn’t be more happy for you two!

  23. Dylan Caple says:

    All of the pictures look beautiful! I can’t wait to marry Christina!

  24. Skip Sherrell says:

    They are all beautiful!

  25. Amy McWilliams says:

    Love these two so much!! Couldn’t have picked a better life mate for my baby brother. Can’t wait for the wedding!! Gorgeous pictures!

  26. Allison Van Atta says:

    These are so cute!! So happy for y’all!

  27. Mike McWilliams says:

    Love these pictures almost as much as I love this couple. Can’t wait to see you two get hitched. So happy for you both.

  28. Lauryn McWilliams says:

    Beautiful photos!

  29. Reed McWilliams says:

    Y’all look great. So happy for you.

  30. Ryan McWilliams says:

    Love your photos.

  31. Patti Caple says:

    I absolutely love every one of these pictures! Dylan and Christina are such a beautiful couple and these pictures bring out there love for each other. I am a blessed mother to have both of them in my life!

  32. Ashley Healy says:

    Wonderful pictures of a great couple! I’m glad the leaves cooperated with your fall shoot!

  33. Cherie Van Atta says:

    Just beautiful! So happy for you guys and can’t wait for the wedding!!

  34. Uncle Bobby says:

    Love the pictures Tina. Congrats to you and Dylan!!

  35. Michael Healy says:

    These pictures are great. Happy for you guys.

  36. Caleb Caple says:

    Great pictures! S’cute !!

  37. Rie Raines says:

    I absolutely love these! They are beutiful and capture your relationship perfectly! You look stunning Tina!

  38. Carol Raines says:

    Love these so much!! And love you both!! These pictures are stunning!! Great job!!

  39. Marie Arnold says:

    Oh my goodness, these are beautiful! I am so happy for you both!

  40. Drew Lingo says:

    So happy for you both. Y’all look great.

  41. Claire Smith says:

    Beautiful!!!! Love y’all!!!!

  42. Shannon Graham says:

    These are so beautiful!!! Cant wait for the big day!

  43. Shannon Graham says:

    So exciting!!!

  44. Betty Ann Graham says:

    I AM SO EXCITED TINA!!! You are going to be the most beautiful bride and Dylan the most handsome groom! Cannot wait for July 14… ps ibest bday present ever!!

  45. Leigh Stowe says:

    Love these—excited for you guys!

  46. Laine Gandy says:

    Beautiful girl!

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