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Feb 23, 2017

It’s here! We’re sharing a few of our favorite moments from our trip to Copenhagen, Denmark on the blog today!

Joel’s job sent him on a 3 week adventure to Sweden. (I know, tough, huh?) Since it was January (which is booking season for the wedding industry), we were hustling hard on our business, and Swedish winters are often pretty chilly, I had decided to skip this trip and stay close to home.

Talking on the phone with Joel one afternoon, he told me all about his weekend trip to Copenhagen and about the amazing coffee he’d been finding in Scandinavia. Listening to his plans to check out Oslo, Norway the following weekend….I pulled up Kayak. Just to see how much tickets would be out of curiosity, you know.

Four days later, I was on a plane to Sweden. :) One of our goals this year is to take the opportunities to explore and live life when we have the chance, and I decided to start with an across-the-world adventure!

So that’s how we ended up in Copenhagen. Joel had already spent a couple days there and fell in love with it. While he was in meetings all day, I jumped on a train and took the 4 hour journey from Gothenburg Sweden to Copenhagen. Today we’re sharing a few snapshots of our favorite memories of our adventures in Denmark!

I landed at the Central Station in Copenhagen late in the morning. I started my Danish experience by sorting out a city bus ticket and deciphering the complexity of knowing where to be at what time to get back to Sweden later that afternoon.

But I got everything I needed and headed out to my adventure! Joel sent me with plenty of recommendations of what to see and do! The first thing on my agenda was making my way over to Amelianborg Palace to watch the changing of the guards.

On my way over there, I popped into a coffee shop to find a cafe mocha to soothe away the bus ticket craziness! It was de-li-cious! Scandinavia really knows how to do coffee.

I made it in time for the grand guard changing, and it was quite a musical production! I hung out for about 4 of their songs and marches before checking out the next destination on my list.

There were endless things to stop and photograph! When we travel, we try to find a balance between taking pictures and not just seeing everything from behind our camera. We want to be able to experience it in the moment so our memories are as vivid as the picture itself! It was hard not to try to snap a shot of every building I walked past. I have a love for grand old architecture!

It took me a little while to figure out the Copenhagen bus system. Joel gave me his map with all his favorite spots circled before I left, but I’m not going to lie. I’m directionally challenged and definitely wasn’t always sure where I was on this map. :) I guess that goes along with adventuring in foreign countries!

But because I was in full exploring mode (aka, totally lost), the surprise was even more impactful. I’ll never forget the moment I stepped foot into that dock and looked up.

So although this magical place called Nyhavn was on my list of places to definitely visit at some point during the day, I was actually trying to find my way to Rosenborg Castle.

I wasn’t expecting to look up and see this row of colorful houses, all lined up like grand princes along the river.

But I did. Nyhavn’s pop of color against a dull, misty winter day in a Scandinavian winter was breath-taking.

And I think the best part was that I wasn’t anticipating it. At all. My eyes were looking for a tall, stone-crafted palace. Stumbling across something unexpectedly beautiful makes it even more special.

Maybe like stumbling into your forever love when you’re looking for something else you thought you wanted. But you wouldn’t trade that magic for all the royal palaces.

So after I drank in my fill of this magical place, I headed onward and upward to Rosenborg! :)

It presides over the King’s Garden (I can’t even imagine how beautiful it is in summer time!) and stands tall and proud in even the dreary winter light. It houses the Danish crown jewels and is jam-packed with treasures from history.

One of my personal favorites was their treasury of items made from amber. With amber being such a precious commodity for them, seeing something like this amber chandelier was breath-taking!

These next pictures were from Joel’s trip earlier that week. He had a chance to get up to check out Kastellet (the Citadel), including the super famous Little Mermaid statue, which was inspired by Hans Christian Anderson’s fairy tale. I apologize for her attire! We noticed that Scandinavia had more than their fair share of statues al naturale.

We said goodbye to this magical city with a promise hidden in our hearts that someday we’ll return, preferably in summer, to soak in more of Copenhagen’s treasury of beauty!



  1. Terry Raupe says:

    Thanks for sharing. Beautiful photos. Looks like pictures in a fairy tale book.

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