Jillian + Austin // Des Moines and Pella Iowa Forever Session

Forever Sessions

Aug 24, 2017

One of the biggest blessings of being a wedding photographer is to walk alongside some of the most amazing couples as they embrace their wedding, marriage, life, and all the little stories in between. Love stories don’t end once the wedding gallery is delivered – there is so much more adventure to be had!

Forever Sessions are one of the sweetest parts of what we do. We have the blessing of cheering our J&A Couples on as they follow their dreams, live their adventures, and have families of their own! We can’t even describe how much we love getting our precious J&A Couples back in front of our cameras to capture another piece of their love stories.

Double amazing when you get to road trip up to Iowa for the session AND when the J&A Couple in front of your camera is your baby brother brother and his family! <— I guess that makes it triple amazing?

Austin is an engineer who does really cool things with bridges. I currently have a slight obsession with state capitol buildings. Jillian really wanted some epic gravel road/cornfield pictures that have “Iowa” written all over them. And all of us are Dutch (Van Vurens and Van Essendelfts for the win!), so a little taste of Pella was a must.

The solution?

We did them all.

We scouted out the coolest bridges. We managed to find just the right spot of shade near the Capitol building (and we didn’t let the gold-dome construction get us down!). We toured the famous Tulip Time square in Pella. We found the quintessential cornfield beside a gravel road. (And did it make this midwest girl’s heart sing!)

I love how all these places are part of the legacy that they’re building for little James. His Dutch heritage (I have no doubt he’ll grow up to love ollie bollen and Wilhelmina peppermints). His dad’s love for bridges, which led them to this season of their lives. His midwest roots. It’s all a piece of a beautiful mosaic of heritage and memories – and how much fun is it to have all that captured for him to look back at when he’s older?

Enjoy a little peek into Jillian & Austin’s Iowa Forever Session! Baby James (who totally has my heart!), corn fields, downtown bridges, the Iowa Capitol building….I’m not sure it could get a whole lot better. :)



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