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Ashley & Matt // Big Spring Park Engagement Session


May 7, 2021

Big Spring Park and Bank Building Downtown Engagement Session // Wedding Photographers in Huntsville, Alabama

When Ashley and I talked about location options for her engagement session with Matt, they settled on a classic downtown Huntsville look. We never get tired of downtown Huntsville sessions because there are so many different looks and styles you can find – all within walking distance of each other. This session highlighted Big Spring Park, including the iconic red Japanese Friendship Bridge. (Matt proposed near the bridge!)

We also spent some time at the classic Bank Building. It’s a favorite of ours with its bright and airy pillars that make a gorgeous backdrop for portraits. We’re not alone in loving the Bank Building! April is prom season for area schools, and downtown Huntsville is a hotspot for prom pictures. Ashley and Matt took it all in stride, and their session couldn’t have been more perfect!

Adding to that perfection was Gus’s sweet energy! Many of our couples have been asking to incorporate their dog into their engagement session, and the answer is always yes! Gus did such a great job and has such fun energy for life and the outdoors. His bowtie was icing on the cake!

Ashley and Matt (who is the brother of one of our past J&A Brides, Molly! So very fun!!) nailed their session with flying colors. It’s not always easy to get rid of the camera jitters if you’ve never had a professional session before, but they were absolute pros by the end! We had the best time! Their personalities are so kind and gracious. What a joy they are! Their November wedding is going to be a blast, and we can’t wait!

Here’s a little peek into Ashley & Matt’s classic Big Spring Park engagement session!


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Ashley & Matt's classic downtown Huntsville engagement session is here! It's full of the classics: Big Spring Park, the iconic blue mural, the Bank Building, and the red Japanese Bridge. Gus made a guest appearance, and we had the best time. Head over to check it out!
  1. Ashley Denton says:

    I am so in love with these pictures! Matt and I are blessed to have Joel and Amber to make this process so smooth! We were nervous but J&A made us feel comfortable and at home. Gus says thank you too! ❤️

  2. Suanne Hockman says:

    These pictures are gorgeous! What a beautiful couple! The scenery and backdrops are a bonus. I can’t wait to see the magical portraits that Joel and Amber produce from the wedding.

  3. Molly Ash says:

    Beautiful pictures of an amazing couple! Can’t wait to celebrate Matt and Ashley in November!!

  4. Alex Anne says:

    Every single picture is so beautiful and stunning! Love every single one and love them so much!

  5. Breanna Ruhlman says:

    Love these pics almost as much as I love these two! Can’t wait to celebrate y’all in November!!!

  6. Helen Topp says:

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple! Congratulations Ashley and Matt (and Gus)!

  7. Rosie Stephan says:

    Loved all the pictures!!! All so good I couldn’t pick a favorite! The dog with a bow tie really made me smile! But two beautiful people couldn’t have a bad photo! Rosie and Jim Stephan

  8. Stephanie Hoefert says:

    Beautiful photos of a beautiful couple! Can’t wait to celebrate in November and see the wedding photos!

  9. Carol Schoenbaum says:

    These photos are stunning! Beautiful couple inside and out!. Congratulations Matt and Ashley! We are looking forward to November!
    Aunt Rol

  10. Laura Sandidge says:

    Such a beautiful and sweet couple! These photos are amazing! Cant wait to celebrate the big day!

  11. Michael Stephan says:

    Great photos! Congrats to Matt and Ashley!

  12. Cindy and Bob says:

    Wow…so many great photos! Looking forward to attending Matt and Ashley’s beautiful wedding and seeing hundreds of beautiful pictures❤️

  13. Katie Dohr says:

    Wow!!!! Good luck picking out the ones you want to frame they are all so good!!!! Can’t wait for your big day.

  14. Jack and Deb Hoefert says:

    So much fun to see such beautiful pictures ! Trying to decide which is my favorite picture I would have to go through them many times because it’s hard to just pick one. I remember seeing all the pictures from his sister Molly‘s wedding…. always wishing they did photography in Illinois where we live. They do such a great job! They really captured all types of moments in the wedding that as you look at the pictures it brings back such a vivid memories.

  15. Joshua Clark says:

    Congratulations Ashley and Matt!

  16. Susie and Dan Stephan says:

    Each picture made us smile! The pictures are all stunning and we can’t wait to celebrate your big day with you both! Love from Illinois!

  17. Christin Gentry says:

    Woah what a power couple, captured perfectly!! We cannot wait to celebrate you two in just a few short months

  18. Anna Pipes says:

    Oh my the red dress!!!! Girl you are gorgeous ❤️
    These are the most beautiful engagement pics ever!!!! Congratulations again.

  19. Bryan Denton says:

    These photos are fantastic. Gus definitely steals the show!

  20. Haley Headley says:

    Oh wow! You all hit this one out of the park! What a great location. You made a crowded day look like it was just the two of them! And may I say, you’ve got two pretty good looking models. Can’t wait to celebrate the future Stephan’s in the months to come!

  21. Jessica Roth says:

    Beautiful pictures for a beautiful couple! Congrats Matt & Ashley!

  22. Helga Hockman says:

    Awesome just beautiful pictures of two beautiful. People..
    Can’t wait to see the wedding pictures !!

  23. Cathy says:

    Beautiful photos of a stunning couple! You look so very happy. Congratulations!!

  24. Matt Headley says:

    Great pictures! Excited for you two!

  25. Paige Parker says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!! Can’t to see you two get married!!

  26. Joseph Parker says:

    Congratulations! Y’all look great!

  27. Anna Howell says:


  28. Alex Ash says:

    These pictures look great! Can’t wait for the big day!

  29. Michael Hockman says:

    These pictures say a thousand words! They are awesome!

  30. David &Amy Bolin says:

    Congratulations Matt and Ashley! The pictures are beautiful.

  31. James G says:

    Great pictures, so excited for you two! Congrats to Matt & Ashley!

  32. Sammie Jacobs says:

    Phenomenal! Love how these turned out! Can’t wait to see wedding photos and celebrate these two!

  33. Dave Stephan says:

    Great pictures of Matt and Ashley! Love the downtown Huntsville backdrop. Looking forward to November 20th!

  34. Maria says:

    So pretty! Matt and Ashley are so in love!

  35. Rachel says:

    These are beautiful!! Congrats to Matt and Ashley!

  36. Amanda Suciu says:

    Absolutely gorgeous photos!!!!

  37. Christy & Scott Larkin says:

    Gorgeous pictures & a beautiful couple!

  38. Vicki says:

    Beautiful pictures! Congratulations to Matt and Ashley!

  39. Andrea Beilstein says:

    You have captured their personalities perfectly! The red dress is and I love that Gus was included! These two are a super couple and I am excited to celebrate with them!!

  40. Jack Ruddy says:

    What special moments! Can’t wait to celebrate you granddaughter. These are great.

  41. Johnnie Ruddy says:

    How sweet! These are stunning! Can’t wait to celebrate this amazing couple in November!

  42. Doreen Cupero says:

    These pictures are absolutely gorgeous, the colors you choose are stunning and love the dog. Congratulations Matt and Ashley.

  43. Jacob says:

    That is one thicc chicken!

  44. Terry says:

    Beautiful pictures! Can’t wait for the wedding. Joel and Amber are the BEST!

  45. Jan Lawley says:

    These are all amazing!!! Many congrats!

  46. Ashley Harper says:

    The pictures are so beautiful! Love the use of the Huntsville backdrops. Congrats to Matt and Ashley!

  47. Bryan denton says:

    Wow these picture’s are awesome what a beautiful couple even there four legged child is somewhat cute.

  48. Lois Walton-Jackson says:

    Congratulations Matt and Ashley. The pictures are fantastic and you chose awesome backgrounds.

  49. Matt Stephan says:

    Thank you all for the nice comments. We are so thankful to have Joel and Amber along on this journey. They are the absolute best in capturing each of the moments we will always cherish. Can’t wait for November!!!

    • Joel and Amber says:

      Yes! So many sweet and kind comments – thank you so very much! Ashley & Matt have been fantastic, and we’ve loved every minute!

  50. Addison Giannini says:

    So happy for you guys! Beautiful pictures!

  51. Jody Buchanan says:

    These are beautiful. Love the location. So excited for the both of you and this new chapter of your future!

  52. Lynne Pennington says:

    The couple and the pictures are beautiful.

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