Best of 2017: Our Favorite Bridal Portraits & Reception Fun!

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Jan 30, 2018

Burritt on the Mountain wedding

A couple weeks ago we shared our Best of 2017: Details and Portraits post…and boy, was it hard to only choose a few! So today we’re sneaking in two more categories of favorites: bridal portraits and reception memories! {Also so hard to choose just a few!}

Bridal portraits make our hearts sing because it’s a moment when everything starts to feel so real. Hair and make up are finished. That feels amazing.

Then the dress gets its final zip and button. The shoes. The jewelry. She looks in the mirror to see the final result.

And in that one split second – when a bride looks in the mirror – that reflection completes the picture of so many dreams.

After that, it’s pure joy. It’s real, it’s happening, and the best is about to come.

The wedding prep and ceremony is truly wonderful and magical – but there’s just something about the reception. Any remaining nerves are gone. Your heart is literally floating in the clouds. Everybody is gathered and ready to celebrate the joy!

Receptions are an amazing mix of the happy hum of conversation, energetic dance floor moves, hugs, and sweet quiet moments in between. There is such a range of wonderful happenings, and it’s incredible to step back and capture each piece of emotion.

Enjoy this peek into some of our favorite Bridal Portraits and Reception memories of 2017!

Favorite Bridal Portraits of 2017


Favorite Reception Memories of 2017

This coordinated bridal party entrance dance was epic.

Best bouquet toss ever!

This kid has skillz.

Best toast ever.

A surprise song for the bride…

Mother-Son Dance Award of 2017!

When you mix a photo booth with the dance floor, magic happens…

When 3 weddings in one year involve kilts, we know we’re doing something right!



{P.S. If you liked this, we think you’re enjoy perusing our favorite romantic portraits of 2016!}

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