Destination: Grand Teton National Park!

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Dec 13, 2016

Adventuring! We went on a Wild West Adventure this year and we want to take you along! If you haven’t seen our Yellowstone National Park Adventure, check it out here!

After a (cold) day in Yellowstone, we headed over to Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming for some breath-taking views! We spent an (even colder) night camping inside the park before we set out early the next morning (because who can sleep in 34 degree weather?! Not this girl!) to explore the park!

The chilly night was 100% worth seeing this place!

My favorite picture.

Here it is!

You knew I couldn’t wait to share this one!!! Jenny Lake was like glass. Seeing the reflection of these mighty snow-topped mountains is something that I could gaze at forever.

We had pulled over at one of the “tourist stops” in our guidebook and parked the car. We started walking down this little path lined with trees, not sure where it was supposed to go. We’re always up for a little exploring! I was not prepared for something so absolutely breath-taking to greet me when the trees finally cleared.

Forever. I could have stayed here forever.

Yay!! We remembered to take a selfie!! :) (AND remembered to take our sunglasses off!)

They have weddings at this little chapel on the weekends. Anyone? We will totally be your photographers. I think we can safely guarantee some killer pictures. Pretty please! :)

We stumbled into this little cabin that was set up to show how they used to live decades ago. I should have taken a picture of the freshly baked molasses cookie that the sweet lady -in full costume- gave each of us when we stepped into the building. But that cookie was gone before I even thought about taking a picture. And it was delicious.

Thank you, sweet lady that baked those cookies in an old-fashioned stove over a fire with old-fashioned cooking tools. I know that couldn’t have been easy, but you made us very happy.

Joel also stopped to get a Huckleberry Soda. The cookie lady told us that huckleberries are local to that area. So obviously, we had to try it. I can’t say that the Huckleberry Soda was my favorite, but I definitely loved the huckleberry honey we got to sample! Which I also inhaled too quickly to even think about taking a picture. Go figure.

Thank you for going adventuring with us! After this, we were off to warmer weather and lots more adventures across the Wild West! We can’t wait to take you along! :)



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