A Diamond is Forever – 5 Tips on Taking Care of Your Wedding Rings


Nov 20, 2014

“I work with gold that holds history, diamonds that see the future, and rubies that long for love. It’s just a way of telling a story.”

~Waris Ahluwalia
Oh, the glistening joy that a shiny engagement ring brings! One of the first things people say when they find out you’re engaged is, “I want to see the ring!”
No pressure, guys. You only have the important task of picking out a ring that she will love forever.
So after the ring has been chosen, placed upon her beautiful hand, and shown off to the world – then what? How do you make sure that diamond ring is going to last forever?
We’re here to help! We talked to our good friends over at Tennessee Valley Jewelry Gary K Jewelers in Madison, AL for some advice on how to take care of your engagement and wedding rings.
1. Get your rings checked every 2-3 months.
Mary Jane at Gary K Jewelers recommends that you take your engagement and wedding rings in every 2-3 months to get them cleaned, checked for loose diamonds, and to make sure the setting is secure. Even though diamonds last forever, other parts of your ring might not be as strong. Gold and other metals can wear down over time. Keep your rings in tip-top shape by letting an expert ( like Mary Jane!) keep an eye on them for you.
2. Keep your rings safe from household chemicals.
Wearing your rings while swimming (think chlorine), doing dishes, or using household cleaners can damage your rings! Mary Jane explains that these things can damage your jewelry and cause gold to become brittle. Take off your rings when you’re doing household chores or swimming. She also advised that yard work causes dirt and debris to build up around and under your diamonds – causing it to not only be dirty, but actually loosen the diamonds. That’s one thing you don’t want to loose!
3. Make your jewelry be the last thing you put on before you leave the house.
Things like makeup and hairspray can cause unwanted buildup on your jewelry. Mary Jane’s motto is to “make your jewelry be the last thing you put on before you leave the house”. Pearls especially are susceptible to damage from makeup and hairspray – it causes that beautiful shiny layer to diminish!
How many times do we rub lotion on our hands while wearing our rings? That lotion causes a lot of greasy buildup around our diamonds. Mary Jane recommends that you give the lotion a few minutes to soak in before putting your rings back on.
4. Use a Dazzle Stick!
Gary K Jewelers introduced me to something amazing. It’s called a Dazzle Stick. It has a little brush on one end and is filled with a cleaning solution. Use that to clean your rings at home in between professional cleanings. You just brush on and rinse! Super easy. Mary Jane highly recommends that you stay away from Pinterest type cleaning solutions. They can often be harmful to your rings! When it comes to something as valuable and sentimental as your wedding jewelry, it’s much better to be stick with professional solutions!
5. Get your engagement ring professionally cleaned before your engagement photography session and before your wedding!
One of my favorite things to photograph are the rings! Make your jewelry sparkle and shine for your photography sessions by getting a professional cleaning before your pictures! Joel and I bought our wedding rings at Gary K Jewelers, and they clean and check them free of charge every time I walk in to say hi!
We hope these tips will help you keep your wedding rings as dazzling as ever!
We also want to give a shout out to TN Valley Jewelry Gary K Jewelers for taking the time to share their tips with us! Mary Jane is a fourth generation jeweler that is continuing Gary’s legacy of beautiful jewelry and top-rate service. Love them!

“The diamond has been always esteemed the rarest stone, and the most precious of all: among the ancients it was called the stone of reconciliation.”

~Lewis Vertoman, attributed, Day’s Collacon

  1. Gary Ferris says:

    But how does this help me find my lost wedding ring? Ouch. Ha!

  2. Here’s a tip for the guys, before you purchase the ring: get one with 6 prongs, especially if you get a solitaire. 4-prongs are not enough!

  3. Luke Oakley says:

    Beats driving to bridgestreet to get it cleaned! Although I hear there’s a place that have English toffee apples?

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