A Dash of Charm: 6 Ways to Use Vintage China at Your Reception


Mar 16, 2017

(Vintage China – Decorous Dishes, Vintage Rentals // Menu Design – Linen and Leaf)

When I dream in fairy tales, they almost always involve the delicate tinkling of vintage china pieces. China tea cups and saucers with soft pink rosebuds, plates rimmed with the sweetest gold, and weighty silver forks.

My fairytales always have vintage china because they always involve coffee and cake. ;)

Today we’re sharing some tips on using vintage china at your wedding reception! It adds a very elegant and dreamy touch to any affair – from a casual reception to a formal bridesmaids’ tea.

(Vintage China – Decorous Dishes, Vintage Rentals // Catering – The Chef Next Door)

(Vintage China – Decorous Dishes, Vintage Rentals // Design – Kris Clark Designs)

Wedding reception place settings. Whether you’re having a formal sit-down dinner or a buffet, vintage china can be used in place of plastic dinnerware or standard white dishes. They’re very classy when set out at each place setting or stacked at the buffet line. Your guests will definitely enjoy feeling pampered with their gorgeous dishes!

Dessert dishes for the cake table. If you don’t want to do every place setting, think about stacking up some vintage china dessert plates at the cake table. I know from experience that nibbling a piece of cake from a delicate rosebud china plate tastes even better.

Centerpieces or decor. Filling a teapot with fresh flowers, decorative china stacked and draped with strands of pearls, teacups filled with bonbons and resting on a stack of books…the possibilities are endless! Whether you use china as centerpieces or as part of a larger display, you can create a unique, whimsical, or classy touch to your decor.

Bridal showers and bridesmaids’ tea. Don’t just limit your vintage china to the reception! Hosting a bridal shower or a bridesmaids’ tea is the perfect time to pamper your guests with some pretty dishes and china decor.

Use teacups to serve berries, cream, or condiments. You can put pretty much anything in a teacup and it will look adorable! Fill teacups with fresh berries, candies, or whipped cream! How cute would the soup course be served in a vintage china teacup? Use your imagination!

Serve tea or coffee from vintage china cups and saucers. If you know anything about us, you know how much we love coffee and tea. We’re super happy that coffee and tea bars are becoming more and more popular at weddings! Serving your guests their coffee in vintage china is icing on the cake.

(Calligraphy – Linen and Leaf // Coffee – Grounded Coffee)

How did you use vintage china at your wedding? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below!!



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