We Believe...

And that's why we pour as much love into the entire J&A Wedding Experience as we do the pictures themselves.  We know that the little memories are just as important as the big ones.

...that the journey is as amazing as the destination

We Believe...

And that's why we love to travel and explore the world.  That's why we love our vanilla lattes.  Walking into a trendy coffee shop, snapping a picture of the latte art, and taking that very first sip of espresso, milk, and house made vanilla syrup all mixed together in perfect harmony is an experience we look forward to.

...that experiences mean more than things

We Believe...

And that's why we serve with our whole hearts.  We believe in making an impact by encouraging others and serving well in all the small things.

...that serving is the best way of loving

We Believe...

And that's why we take the time to encourage and build up our couples in their relationship with each other.  The wedding is one beautiful and meaningful day, but marriage is for a lifetime.  It's not always easy. With deep love comes struggles and challenges. But marriage is always worth the fight.  

...in fighting for marriage and for love

We Believe...

Through encouraging, serving, and loving others with kindness, we hope that our lives will reflect the love of Christ that was so freely given to us.

...that honoring God is what we're here to do

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