About us
About us

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We love life. We love to go to church together and hang out with our friends; we love to read at home together or watch the Food Network while sipping on a cappuccino. We love the little everyday things in life that God gives us. We've been married four years and can definitely say we're even more in love now than the day we got married!

While we are passionate about wedding photography and making sure you have the best possible wedding experience, we also want to make sure your life as a couple starts off right. Marriage is such a beautiful and fragile thing, and we'd love to share our experiences with you and help you build a long-lasting marriage from the start.

We also want to make sure you love your wedding photography experience with us! We'd love to talk more about you and what you're looking for.

But while you're here, click below to discover what makes us Joel and Amber, or check out our contact page to meet with us in real life!


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