we're wedding photographers who believe the journey can be just as joyful as the destination!



We are photographers for brides who know that photography is an investment that can be cherished and valued long after the wedding day is over. We are for brides who know that the most important things in life are always worth it - like love, family, and memories!

We love family, surrounding people with joy, and impacting others through the way we reflect the love of Christ.
So grab a cup of coffee (vanilla lattes for us, please!) and browse through our “About Me” to see which one of us believes that white chocolate is actually real chocolate!

meet joel

meet Amber

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- I love to make people smile
- I like quiet offices
- I listen to Pentatonix, Epic Music, and Taylor Swift
- I like bullet points and excel sheets
- I think that white chocolate counts as real chocolate
- I have a Master's in Engineering Management
- I enjoy making and drinking a perfect latte
- I handle editing all the pictures
- I play the piano for church

Meet Joel

Meet  Amber

* I am a Jane Austen and Cinderella enthusiast!
* Business books make me happy. They help me learn how to serve others better through our business, and I'm all about that!
* I'm a South Dakota farm girl who moved to North Carolina when I was 12. Now I can't imagine living somewhere without sweet tea and warm weather! :)
* I love inspiration quotes.  Our home office is filled with them!
* Dental hygiene was my career before I went full-time into photography. I still sometimes do fill-in work just for fun!
* I don't think white chocolate qualifies as real chocolate.
* Planning our travels begins months in advance for me - I research the best coffee shops, local cafes, and things to do...usually in that order!

Us As A Couple

“We love because God first loved us.” {1 John 4:19} We pray every day that we’ll reflect the love of our Savior through our business. Our faith is a big part of our lives, and we know that by serving and loving our couples well, we are able to shine His light into the world.
As we travel the journey of our own marriage, we want to encourage others as they build strong marriages of their own!

Us As Photographers

Joel is our technical guru, specializes in lighting, handles the editing, and handles a lot of behind the scenes tasks. Amber loves to love on people, so she is the smiley-face-using girl behind our blog posts, social media, client emails, and pretty much everything that might give her the chance to insert a few extra exclamation points! :)

Photographing every wedding together means that we have figured out a smooth system that makes sure your wedding day is fabulous!

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