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We believe that photography is about so much more than simply having incredible images. It's about serving and encouraging people in a way that makes the journey just as joyful and meaningful as the wedding day itself!

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Meet Joel and Amber!

Joel and Amber are not only amazing photographers, but also amazing people.

They are all about making you feel welcome and a part of their family!

They truly care about their clients and my husband and I could not have asked for better photographers for our wedding!

- Emily and Ben

Hands down, the best decision we made for our wedding was choosing Joel and Amber as our photographers.

They were wonderful and made the entire wedding experience exceptional. 

From day one they treated us like family. I cannot say enough about these two!

- Haley and Matt

Joel and Amber were a God send way before the wedding day!

The pictures were absolute perfection.

I have gotten countless compliments and its all thanks to Joel and Amber. My wedding day was the best day of my life and I am able to relive it over and over because of these awesome photographers.

- Laura and Ryan

Joel and Amber provide much more than beautiful pictures!

We think of them as our friends, and they mean the world to us.

They are absolutely fantastic professionally and personally.

- Karen and Glenn

We LOVED Joel and Amber! They were so down to earth and we loved their style.

My wedding day was so much less stressful because of them.

Not only were they our wedding photographers but they were a part of our family that day.

- Mackenzie and Jeremy

These two were so engaging, encouraging, positive, and professional that the whole experience from beginning to end was smooth, painless, and a total blast!

We are so thankful for Joel and Amber and their sweet friendship

It has been an impossible task to pick out favorites!

- Chris and April

Joel and Amber made our day perfect! They helped us with anything we needed throughout the whole day, made us feel comfortable throughout the whole process and showered us with love! 

We were blessed to have them as our photographers

James and I knew that they wanted to personally know us and who we are as a couple!

- James and Elizabeth

Joel and Amber were amazing photographers and are also amazing people. 

They really pour their hearts into their work.

Out of all of the vendors for my wedding, they were hands down my favorite.

- Philip and Haley

I have never met two people who could be so calming in a stressful situation like Joel and Amber. 

I have never felt so beautiful in pictures or been so excited about them

Their work has covered the walls in our new home.

- Meghan and Emory

The way they are able to communicate and interact with the wedding party and, most importantly, the bride, is priceless.

Our wedding was like a dream thanks to Joel and Amber

When we look at the pictures we feel like we are back in the moment.

- AJ and Michelle

Not only do they take beautiful pictures, which you will cherish forever, but they make the ENTIRE process fun, comfortable, and well worth every penny.

They constantly went above and beyond for us.

You can't help but develop a true friendship with both Joel and Amber.

- Angela and Kyle

The J&A Wedding Experience is for brides who know that photography is an investment that will be cherished and valued long after the wedding day is over. Our J&A Brides know that the most important things in life are always worth it - like love, family, and the memories that an experience brings.

Classic Joel and Amber Wedding Experience - $3600

Come meet us, friends! We pour our hearts into serving and encouraging our couples during their experience with us, so we only take a limited amount of weddings each year. If you are ready to hear more about having a J&A Wedding Experience of your own, head over to “Contact” to tell us all about the wedding of your dreams!

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